Wild Dreams and Woman Prisons

19 May

Last night I dreamt someone had stolen my blog and was posting lurid photographs and commentary on it. I’m glad to see it’s not true…
I’m having trouble seeing the screen today as I went to the opticians and he temporarily blinded me with eye drops that make your pupils expand enormously. I look like crazy-eyed (I imagine, because I can’t really see myself in the mirror. It’s a miracle I’m actually writing this.) Having to walk home was quite a challenge and I almost stumbled over a soldier: I’m glad he didn’t get a good look at me and mistake me for a drug addict otherwise I might have been shipped off to Baabda women’s prison, a merciless place so grotesque I think I’d rather choose suicide. For an informative read on the conditions of women’s prisons in Lebanon, read this article. It may be Now Lebanon, but the author’s work in general is excellent, especially as she doesn’t insert into her work her personal political views at every given opportunity. She deserves to be read.


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