Saves the Day

14 May

Al Jazeera has a story on a Deal being reached for Lebanon through Arab mediation. I shall post a bit of the story below so you get an idea:
Lebanon’s pro-government and opposition factions, have reached a deal to revoke two decisions that resulted in fierce gun battles in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, last week. The violence was sparked when the government issued an order to dismantle Hezbollah’s communications system, and to sack the head of airport security.
Delegation members opened talks in Beirut on Wednesday to try to defuse tensions between the US-backed government and the Hezbollah-led opposition. The Lebanese cabinet is holding a session and is expected to formally endorse the deal.

1) This must be the first time in history the Arab League has ever produced anything other than empty rhetoric, wasted time and money. Well done, you can pat yourselves on the backs now!

2) How embarrassing that the Lebanese must always either ask for help from foreign powers, have it imposed on them or just be walked all over by foreigners. It’s time the Lebanese started using their own brains and start finding their own solutions to the problems they have a lot of responsibility in creating. This visit was no more than symbolic, to deliver the Lebanese government the hard kick up the arse it seems to need before it can make any sort of decision. Everyone knew what the Arab League was going to suggest- it wasn’t exactly rocket science. The suggestion was proposed ages ago.


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