Beirut Bleeds

10 May

People have once more shut themselves indoors following a gun attack on mourners attending the funeral of a pro-government supporter killed in earlier violence. Different reports give different accounts: Al Jazeera says gunmen drove by the procession and opened fire, killing 6. Yahoo says a “Shiite Muslim shop owner” opened fire on the procession, killing 2. From the photo above it shows two obviously dead men, with another injured youth being carried off and an ambulance filling up with more injured. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Fuad Siniora has just spoken and has said Hizbullah’s arms are now an “issue”. He has called for the army to intervene- but with the army being sectarianly divided, any intervention could result in defection and disaster. Hizbullah is said to enjoy wider support amongst the army, and ally Michel Aoun (Christian opposition leader of the Change and Reform bloc and the Free Patriotic Movement), a former army General is still highly influential within ranks.
After Siniora’s speech, I heard a few sporadic gunshots. Things may escalate once more. It is the weekend for most around the world, but the people of West Beirut will be staying at home to avoid putting themselves out on rapidly developing front-lines.
(AP photo available on Yahoo)

One Response to “Beirut Bleeds”

  1. Rashed May 11, 2008 at 7:35 am #

    your account of this siege and the various photos provides us on the outside a good indication of what Beirut is going through. the photo that drills it home is that of the three people shot and the one man laying on the street with the blood pouring out from his head. the severity of this situation and Beirut’s helplessness is best seen through this lone bleeding man in the midst of chaos and madness!

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