Beirut under Seige

9 May

The racket seems to have (somewhat) quietened down temporarily, but I’m not hopeful it will last. On the TV I saw a shop on Hamra Street, only a few streets away from me, on fire. There are a lot of gunmen in the area exchanging fire. A group of armed men (probably either from Amal or Mustaqbal, as they have a presence near me) just walked down my street and fired a shot at the building opposite for no obvious reason. They then walked off, presumably to find other targets for their bullets.

My mother’s friend lives right next to a Mustaqbal TV office in Raouche: The office was burnt down and she spent the night in the bathtub with her son as her house was being sprayed with bullets. Her husband was more stubborn and slept in his bed as usual. He ended up with a bit of a bullet in his leg.

(AFP photo on BBC article)

One Response to “Beirut under Seige”

  1. David May 10, 2008 at 11:57 am #

    god help lebanon – again

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