Aint no music in gunshots

8 May

Now I can hear loud gunshots, explosions, artillery. It’s been about half an hour and it seems to be getting louder. Apparently Hizbullah are all over Hamra, where I live. Mustaqbal (Future movement of Hariri family) and Amal (Shiite) both have militias just near my house- I think ive heard some exchange of fire from them too. Don’t bother looking at BBC,they are not covering this yet.
I think I saw a military aircraft and bizarrely what looked like a civilian aircraft descending in the direction of the airport- but all planes have been flown out of Beirut, so its a mystery. Just heard a VERY loud, reverberating explosion, there have been quite a few.
The shots/explosions are getting louder and they are getting more frequent….


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